Reach Adult Recreational Services

Reach Adult Recreational Services was established to respond to the growing need for professional adult care needs. Reach has a solid history of providing superior adult recreational service and continues to focus on providing excellent care that affords our clients the opportunity to live a socially and physically active life in a comfortable and stimulating environtment.

We understand our client’s need for recreational support that is delivered by highly qualified care professionals in a safe and relaxed setting. With cost-effective care solutions that exceed industry standards, Reach Adult Recreational Services offers complete and unmatched adult recreational services packages.

Our Story

As a Young Adult Joyce Bowen (Founder and CEO) personally took care of her grandmother, whom which suffered from dementia, feeding tubes, and bedridden. Joyce promised her grandmother that she will never put her in a nursing home. So she worked, took care of her husband and 3 small children. Joyce soon started having mix emotions, being young and not having anyone to give her a break or even to just relieve her for a day. So she just kept pursuing on with the Lord on her side, she did however found 2 ladies in the community that would sit with her grandmother. Joyee was a LPN nurse, so whether at home or at work, she never stopped working. After the passing of her grandmother, the lord placed on Joyee heart to open up a place where the elderly and disable could go and have a normal day for 6/8 hours during the day. Giving their families and love ones a chance to have a break and handle other daily activity. Joyce desire is to work hand and hand with them and help them to continue to feel wanted and needed and needed in everyday living.

Available Services

Medical Monitoring

We provide extra level of care for clients in need.

Nutrition Services

We provide nutrition and meal planning services.

Social Services

We provide social and emotional support to our participants.


We provide dependable transportation services.

Our Goal

Is to care for our adults clients so that family members can work and enjoy some free time away from caretaking responsibilities. We seek to promot e social and healthy well – being our clients and to help restore and maintain independent therapy
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